From Austin to Abbey Road

My first project as South Texas Stomp was to get myself and the other musicians into a professional recording studio. I found a nice studio, 5AM Studios, in the heart of Austin’s South Congress area.

5AM provides great resources, a great live room, and an excellent engineer. I dove in head long into a grueling 8-day session to get my rusty music skills back into shape.

Later, I had another inspiration. Why limit myself to Austin studios. Why not record at the studios that produced my favorite music. Why not record at Abbey Road Studios?

The following thought was “Yeah. Right. Abbey effin-Road? Are you out of your mind?”. Fortunately, my business experiences came to the fore and reminded me that the folks at Abbey Road are also business people. They are probably open to getting new customers. The following steps were quite elementary:

  1. Google “Abbey Road Studios” and find their web site
  2. Find their contact info
  3. Send them an email requesting rates and availability
  4. Wait

They actually got back to me rather quickly and were quite nice about it. After a sharp intake of breath at the rates (Abbey Road ain’t cheap), I remembered all of the albums that have been produced in its famous Studio 2.

That was the tipping point. I started juggling the logistics of getting the studio booked, instruments “hired”, and musicians over there. The event was taking off.

Several friends and colleagues encouraged me to document the event with video, blog posts, and all the latest Internet tricks. This site is the focal point for the project, which I’ve dubbed - “From Austin To Abbey Road.”

We hope to have products to be distributed by Halloween 2008, the 25th anniversary of the first public performance of Scurvy Otto And The Rickets. We may even play at Young’s Pizza that night.

In the meantime, look for posts and such to shed illumination on our journey.

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