“New Tattoo” lyrics

“Smooth and seductive, but with a bite,” is what we’re calling this Scurvy OtTo (Alan) original.

You’re so pretty, love the way you smile
Wish you would come on over baby,
stay a little while
At night I dream you’ve got an angel’s touch
You touch me over and over,
I want a little too much
Since I can’t have all my heart pursues
I’ll get a tattoo, yeah it looks like you

My new tattoo
It looks like you

I used to look at the babes in the magazines
Runway models and beauty queens
I’d fantasize ‘bout the ones on the TV screen
But they never compare
to the one in my dreams
So I laid down money for a personal view
I bought a tattoo, yeah it looks like you

Now, I’ve been told when I’m old and gray
That my mini Mona Lisa gonna fade away
You’ll turn into a memory from the distant past
Because the good things, baby, they never last
But they’ll never take away
what’s important and true
I’ll have a tattoo of a shadow of you

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