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It’s been a while since I posted at this site. Let’s just say the Austin To Abbey Road experience wiped me out. Fun but exhausted for the last few months. That said, plans are progressing nicely for two more music ventures for the year 2009.

The first is a CD of music written and arranged by Kaye Barlow (my sister) that has been in the works since I finished mastering the Rickets’ From Austin To Abbey Road CD. The CD will be called Middle Age Cradle. The tracking is done but there’s a lot to do mix-wise. I’ve stepped up to apply my mix production skills in getting the CD out the door.

In addition to that, I’ve been putting the finishing touches on Ricket Ranch, my home studio in Kyle, which was named by Sir Bob. Once all the wires are in place and I get those Pearlman mics I’ve been lusting after, I’ll get busy with the first Volcanos for Hire project – Before & After. Each of the songs will have both simple sparse, acoustic versions and full blown production versions. Luckily, this will give me a venue for songs that didn’t make it to the Rickets CD. Alan (AKA Scurvy Ottto) is all set to help with vocals, lyric and song writing.

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  1. Sir Bob on February 5th, 2009 9:48 pm

    Right On! I think?!?

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  2. Mr Fred on March 15th, 2009 11:24 pm

    Mr Fred is happy that all of the “Rickettes” are back in the high-life (“all my life’s a circle” as Harry would say).Glad all made it to the promised land and back – with a CD to boot!Even more hair fell off me brain when I heard you guys performed at Ye Olde Youngs and me wasn’t there to fill me eardrums wit joy and merriment…Please note that Mr Fred has ancient, yet valuable (and painful) recording material from a certain session (does ‘Hey jude’ ring a bell tone or two? “Oh the pain… the pain…”).Hesitate not, me swabs, an’ we’ll somehow re-connect for a trip down memory lane (or two).Ah-h, me brain pan reminds me that I may even have some old VHS tapes of “SO and the R” interview(s?) from the old Mr Fred show… ancient history it would seem – dusty and in the old archives.Anyhow, best of luck mates and hope to hear from any one of ya.Mr Fred, always out-O’-me-head!

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