A long, long time ago …

The biggest news over the last 18 months is that I bought 5AM Studios from Les and Hud and transformed it, with the help of David Percefull, into the latest incarnation of yellow DOG Studios. Hud is still a part of the team and the studio has produced some amazing music.

Next on the news list would be the tracking and mixing on the two debut albums from Volcanos for Hire – Anthem and Homage – and the next Scurvy Ottto & The Rickets album.┬áThe VfH web site should be getting a face lift and links to Anthem as soon as we finish expanding the studio (yet again).

Finally, I’m firing up my consulting practice over at EMR7, Inc. which will also provide a master map with links to all of the projects I’m working on.

All for now,

– Ed

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