In September of 1984, I got my first “real” job at Bee County College teaching math and science. For the first time, I was using my Master’s degree in Physics which signaled a tectonic shift in my life and the end of an era. The year before I had been working at the local pizza shop while trying to “make it” playing rock and roll.

As for success at music, I paid more in income tax the following year than I had made playing music the year before. That’s more as a teacher.

The music from those days has stayed in my head. I keep wondering what we could have accomplished with truly professional resources. How would we have fared in a large city? I started South Texas Stomp to find out. It’s a place where I, and the others I remember, can pursue and capture the music (and hopefully the vibe) of that time.

We may record as Scurvy Otto And The Rickets or we may record as ourselves. In a sense, South Texas Stomp is a music label and in another it is an homage. Regardless, I’ll try to keep it true to the vibe of those days and to showcase the talent that provided such fond memories.

Special Ed

Mesquite Tree